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Emma Weldon
BA Psych, GradDip Psych, Certificate IV Life Coaching.
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Life Coaching & Mentoring
for young people

Why Life Coaching and Mentoring for young people is beneficial?

Some of the many benefits of Life Coaching and Mentoring for young people include but are not limited too :- Enhanced self-esteem and overall well-being, increased positivity and motivation, belief in their core values and beliefs, develop effective coping strategies, ability to stand up for oneself and be assertive, make healthy personal choices, develop personal responsibility and accountability, foster unconditional self love, form a healthy respect for other people’s opinions and beliefs differing to their own, develop a sense of being genuinely cared for and supported no matter what issue in the comfort of their own home, set meaningful personal goals, prioritise and manage time accordingly, belief in ones strengths leading to emotional, social and academic success, manage conflict and form positive interpersonal relationships.