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Emma Weldon
BA Psych, GradDip Psych, Certificate IV Life Coaching.
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Life Coaching & Mentoring
for young people

What is the difference between Life Coaching and Mentoring for young people?

Life Coaching for young people is a structured process whereby a qualified Life Coach uses skilled and effective questioning and listening techniques to form a safe and trusted professional relationship. The process enables a young person (approx. 12 to 25 years) to direct the focus of coaching through forming meaningful personal goals, identifying their own strategies for moving forward and achieving their goals. No advice is given. Through Coaching a young person will feel a sense of motivational empowerment for being 100% accountable and responsible for outcomes. The focus is on the present and not on the past.

Mentoring is a safe and genuine professional relationship between an experienced professional and Mentee (young person). The Mentor is able to provide invaluable support, guidance, encouragement and understanding based on having being a young person and experienced similar issues however has succeeded through this phase of life. The Mentor also has beneficial knowledge and experience to offer.